Our thanks to the following individuals and their colleagues who offered their expertise and wisdom in development of this protocol:

Dr. F. Alexander Dr. G.D. Carson Ms Sue Chandler
Dr. G.P. Dowling Ms Stacy Freeman Dr.J.C.T. Galbraith
Ms Claudia Ganton Dr. A.P. Gibb Ms Lilias Gillispie
Dr. T.E. Higa Dr. E.T. Larsen Ms Barbara LeBlanc
Ms Marguerite Lovgren Dr. J.M. Mannerfeldt Mr. Murray Mitchell
Ms Heather Moon Dr. R.F. Power Dr. W.K. Ready
Dr. J.L. Robinson Ms Diane Sawchuk Dr. D.M. Sawyer
Dr. G.D. Sterling Dr. D.K. Still Ms Vicki Togus
Ms Ruthanne Wartman Dr. J.R. Waters Dr. D.J. Willans
Ms Fran Williams Ms Susan Wylie Ms Jeannie Yee

College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan


Members of the Alberta Medical Association Committee on Reproductive Care:

Dr. W.R. Young Dr. N.N. Demianczuk Dr. S.J. Iglesias
Dr. C.A. Lane Dr. D.D. McMillan Dr. C.M.T. Robertson
Dr. K.C. Gangopadhyay Dr. S. La Berge Ms Virginia Clark
Dr. L.G. Evenson Dr. A.R. Akierman Dr. J.R. Waters
Dr. M.R. Smith Ms Ann Hense Ms Joanna Greenhalgh

Ad Hoc Working Group on Investigation of Stillbirths:

Dr. L.G. Evenson Ms H. Crosl Dr. C. Hegedus
Dr. R.L.H. Honore Dr. W.S. Hwang Dr. N.J. Leonard
Dr. T. Paras Dr. L.J. Russell Dr. L. Smith
Dr. C.L. Trevenen Dr. D.D. Wescott Dr. S. Phillips
Ms G. Guyon