Data Request Forms

Individuals representing Alberta Health Services or other stakeholders with an interest in perinatal care can make a request for information or data from the Alberta Perinatal Health Program.

The APHP Information Management Coordinator and / or analysts will review requests to ensure that the requester's question is fully understood, that the data are available, that the request is appropriate and complies with data privacy and confidentiality policies of Alberta Health Services and the APHP. Requests are addressed in the order in which they are received unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Requests for Aggregate Information

  • Health Zones may request aggregate reports to support quality improvement or educational activities within their facility and / or Health Zone.
  • Health Zones or physicians who submit data to the Alberta Perinatal Health Program may request a compilation of their own data submissions.

Requests for Data for Research

Any facility or individual interested in perinatal health may request data from the APHP data repository to support Health Research Ethics Board (HREB) approved projects. Request for data must be submitted on the APHP Data Use and Disclosure form. Before approval is granted, the APHP will evaluate requests according to security and confidentiality of data, scientific merit, public interest and value, and workload commitments in relationship to the time lines of the data request.