Data Management

Health information in the custody of the Alberta Perinatal Health Program is collected, stored, used and disclosed in accordance with privacy legislation established by the Government of Alberta.

Data Collection

The APHP collects perinatal data for all hospital births and from the Registered Midwives who attend out of hospital births. Data are supplied to the APHP by one of three methods: 1) directly from paper records, 2) by secure electronic transfer or 3) through direct data entry at the facility where the birth occurred.

Provincial data are collated in PeriLinkAB , a comprehensive perinatal repository that supports the Alberta Perinatal Health Program objectives. Analysis and interpretation of the data supports the Alberta Perinatal Health Program, Alberta Health Services, the Health Zones, and other stakeholders in achieving optimal health for expectant mothers and the infants that are born each year in Alberta

Data Use and Disclosure

Ad Hoc Reports

Reports are produced in response to specific requests for data/information. Individuals representing Alberta Health Services or other stakeholders with an interest in perinatal care can request the Alberta Perinatal Health Program to prepare specific reports.

  • Health Zones may request aggregate reports to support quality improvement or educational activities within their facility and / or Health Zone.
  • Health Zones or physicians who submit data to the Alberta Perinatal Health Program may request a compilation of their own data submissions.
  • Completed data request forms may be submitted to the APHP by Fax 780 735 1024 or by email to or

Provincial Reports

The Alberta Perinatal Health Program produces an aggregate Annual Provincial Perinatal Report for facilities, Health Zones and their designated representatives. The APHP uses both a population based and a site specific methodology for reporting. The report provides details of perinatal health indicators in Alberta at the facility, community, Zone and provincial level to better understand perinatal service delivery within the province of Alberta. The provincial and Zone information provides background and context for variables being examined at the facility and community level and to provide an overview of time trends. The report is used for reflective practice, quality improvement and program planning.

Frequently Asked Questions / Tips

How do I make a request to get data from APHP to use for my research project and what data elements are available to me?

Access to APHP is through a specific request and approval process. The Provincial Delivery Record Part I and Part II are the primary source for the data collected by APHP. Please see the data elements list for an itemized list and description of each data element.

How do I submit a question, suggestion, comment or feedback on the APHP Provincial Report?

Topics for detailed analysis are selected from suggestions put forward from the Alberta Perinatal Health Program stakeholders. Please contact the Information Management Coordinator for suggestions, questions or comments regarding current or future APHP reports.

How do I submit a data request for information for our hospital?

APHP would be pleased to provide information to support information needs locally. Please contact the Information Management Coordinator directly to discuss your request or submit a request for aggregate information

We had a woman present to our hospital after giving birth on the way to the hospital. Should I include the delivery record when I send the other copies of the Provincial Delivery Record to the APHP even though the birth did not occur here?

Yes, please include the delivery information with the other records submitted to APHP and indicate on the record where the birth occurred i.e. en route, or in ambulance etc.

I am a physician that provides obstetrics and would like information on my own practice. Is this information available from APHP?

Yes, the APHP should be able to supply provider specific information for your practice. Please contact the Information Management Coordinator directly to discuss your request or submit a request for aggregate information