Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP)

Canadian Paediatric Society

In Canada, the Neonatal Resuscitation Program is administered by the Canadian Paediatric Society. The NRP section of the Canadian Paediatric Society website includes a comprehensive description of the neonatal resuscitation program. The website includes content that is relevant to all NRP Providers, NRP Instructors, and NRP Instructor-Trainers.

Ordering Materials for NRP

  • NRP on line examination
    Purchase individual NRP on line examination 6th edition

    Note: Some hospitals have purchased exam licenses in bulk. Contact your hospital for instructions to access these exams.

Course Registration Requirements

The Canadian Paediatric Society provides registration guidelines for NRP providers, NRP instructors and NRP instructor- trainers. Please carefully read and follow the course requirements found on the Canadian Paediatric Society Website.

Course Access

NRP Provider Course Access

The APHP does not offer provider courses. Each Zone and many individual hospitals have NRP instructors who offer NRP provider courses. These NRP Instructors offer provider courses to health care professionals (physicians, registered midwives, registered nurse, licensed practical nurses, paramedics and respiratory therapists) providing care to newborns in their facilities. This allows the NRP Instructor to tailor the provider course to the learning needs of the health care professionals and to utilize the resuscitation equipment available in that facility. In the new 6th edition curriculum, a simulation that focuses on team work and communication is part of the onsite course. To receive maximum benefit from this simulation, it should be completed with the team you will be working with.

NRP Instructor Course Access

The NRP Instructor Course is offered by the Alberta Perinatal Health Program (APHP) as well as by AHS zones. The APHP offers a minimum of 2 courses each year – usually one in Calgary and one in Edmonton. The number of courses offered depend on the demand.

The eligibility, pre-requisites and registration process for NRP instructor candidates can be reviewed on the Canadian Pediatric Society Website.

NRP Instructor- Trainer Course Access

The Canadian Paediatric Society provides experienced NRP Instructors with the opportunity to become Instructor-Trainers as well as the opportunity for current Instructor-Trainers to familiarize themselves with the roles, responsibilities and expectations endorsed by the national Steering Committee. NRP Instructors and current Instructor-Trainers will be notified by the Canadian Paediatric Society when an NRP Instructor Trainer Course becomes available.