Acute Care of At-Risk Newborn (ACoRN)

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Course Registration Requirements

Course Description

ACoRN picks up where the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) leaves off, advising and teaching with use of an algorithmic approach to manage/diagnose and provide for the at-risk and/or unwell newborn. It incorporates case based learning and is designed to be used by all levels of health care providers caring for these infants – from the smallest outpost nursing station to a tertiary referral centre.

During an ACoRN course, teams of health care providers learn the following.

  • How to evaluate a newborn
  • How to decide on management
  • How to act on your decisions

These steps make up the evaluation-decision-action cycle found in the ACoRN Primary Survey and Sequences.

Like neonatal resuscitation, stabilization is most effective when performed by a coordinated team. Teamwork and an interdisciplinary approach are emphasized. Identification of institutional roles and resource will help tailor the design of the course for your institution. ACoRN educational program aims to teach the concepts and basic skills of neonatal stabilization and, where necessary, preparation for transport to a referral facility.

The Canadian Paediatric Society is devolping registration guidelines for new ACoRN providers, ACoRN instructors/facilitators and ACoRN instructor trainers.

Course Access

Level II and III Hospitals - ACoRN instructors will offer courses to health care professionals providing care to newborns in their facilities.

Level I Facilities - Will be available soon. Stay tuned for further details.