The Alberta Perinatal Health Program Functions

APHP provides services to its stakeholders with a view to increase practitioner knowledge and skills, improve clinical practice; improve the quality of care to mothers and infants and influence perinatal health policy.

APHP Services are delivered through four integrated functional areas, namely,

  • Leadership and Coordination
  • Quality and Innovation
  • Education and Consultation
  • Information Management and Research

Overall Leadership and Coordination of the program and its services to stakeholders across Alberta is provided through the office of the Executive Director for Women's Health, Edmonton Zone and the Alberta Perinatal Health Program. Program Coordinators are identified to support the activities and services provided for each of Quality and Innovation, Education and Consultation, and Information Management and Research.

Alberta Perinatal Health Program Principles

The APHP operating principles are:

Comprehensive Scope

The APHP focuses on the perinatal health of infants and their mothers, healthy or at risk, in the context of their families and communities. The program scope is from preconception through the first year of life.

APHP considers the range of services delivered in Alberta across the continuum of care, including prevention, early identification, intervention and harm reduction.

Proactive, multi-faceted strategy

The program uses a multi-faceted approach that addresses individual and population perinatal health issues. The program strives proactively to identify, prioritize and address these issues, with an emphasis on quality improvement, advocacy, evidence-based optimal practice, education and information.

The program is guided by a population health approach, and is planned and evaluated at the individual, aggregated and population levels.


The program undertakes its mandate in partnership with stakeholders. Recognizing that the APHP does not provide direct patient services, program staff value and strive for positive relationships with their key partners health zones, health professionals and others.

Ethical conduct

The program is guided by ethical principles, which form the basis for decisions.

Evidence informed

The program is guided by the best available evidence and promising practices, informed by evaluation. Program staff will look for evidence and will incorporate it in program planning and decision-making.


The program uses an outcomes-oriented approach to measure success.


The program fosters the highest possible quality of care in the delivery of perinatal services for women and infants, provided at a level of care required for optimal practice and patient safety, and as close to home as possible.

The program incorporates the following quality dimensions: accessibility, acceptability, appropriateness, effectiveness, efficiency and safety. [As defined by Alberta Health and adopted by the Health Quality Council of Alberta].